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ARP - The Harbour @ North Fawdon

The Harbour @ North Fawdon     


The Harbour is a specialist Communications and Interactions Additionally Resourced Provision, a C&I ARP on the site of our mainstream school. It is called the Harbour because it is a safe space for learning and development.   


It is provided by the Local Authority for children who have an ASD diagnosis and an EHCP that requires a small group learning environment with access to the eight areas of learning that provides the additional support for children to grow socially, emotionally and academically.   


Places are allocated by the Local Authority, through the EHCP process and NOT by North Fawdon Primary School. 

The Eight Areas of Learning


In the Communications and Interactions ARP we are using the AET (Autistic Education Trust) eight areas of learning.


The curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of each child.

The eight areas of learning are:


The Harbour classroom is our safe classroom where all children who come to the ARP are welcomed in the morning, at snack time and lunchtime, to share social times and develop positive relationships. Our oval table is perfect for this with wobble stools so that the children can help themselves to stay regulated.


We also have the Kabana and a couple of small tables used for interventions for learning, speech & language, communication & interactions  and social understanding.  


There is also a lovely reading area with a lighthouse hidey hole.


In addition, we have our own outdoor play area which is excellent for developing social understanding and relationships.



The Marina classroom is our more focused learning room and simulates how learning would feel in a mainstream classroom. More structured small group lessons like maths, English and project are taught here. The idea being to prepare the children for more sustained learning and develop strategies that might be required for managing in a larger group of a mainstream classroom.  


It is still a very safe room with a table at the back for 1:1 support to enable additional modelling and support where required to enable children to access the curriculum. There are also bays around the edge for children to take time out to regulate if they are feeling too overwhelmed. 

Sensory Room 


The sensory room is a safe space for regulation.  It is timetabled to support children with their sensory processing.  
















Calm Room 


The calm room is a safe space to go for children when they are feeling overwhelmed and dysregulated.


Integration and Voyagers 


Integration is very important for the children in the Harbour.  It is important that children develop a sense of belonging to North Fawdon Primary School as well as the Harbour.


  • Every week all the children go to Golden Assembly in the main school, sharing and celebrating the successes of the week with the whole school.  
  • All the children also have the opportunity to share in whole school activities like: class assemblies, reading trails, maths trails, sports days and other celebrations.  
  • Other integration opportunities are then tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil.




Our voyagers are children that are ready and able to take regular lessons within a mainstream class, supported with an ARP Teaching Assistant or unsupported as appropriate.  


Children start off attending lessons that they enjoy or achieve well in and then if they are managing well this can be developed to other subjects across the curriculum. 


Children continue to be supported by the ARP team with check ins and interventions appropriate to their needs.