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Routines and Positive Behaviour

Visual Timetables


Both Nursery and Reception make use of a visual timetable to help children feel safe and comfortable with their routine. Children become familiar with the symbols on the visual timetable as they are reflected in different areas of the classroom.


Recognition Board


We follow the school’s behaviour policy ensuring the children are KIND, SAFE and RESPECTFUL through the use of our Recognition Boards, each week Nursery and Reception will have a shared target and children are rewarded for achieving the behavioural expectations with their names on the ladybird.



Learning Dinosaurs

Meet our Learning Dinosaurs – the Tryosaurus, Exlorosaurus and the Thinkosaurus that help us to promote effective characteristics of learning. When the children demonstrate a characteristic of learning they receive a sticker, certificate, and have their photo put on the wall.



Rainbow Challenges


Reception engage in Rainbow Challenges, designed to encourage the children to use the continuous provision to enhance their learning experiences. The children collect the different colours of the rainbow by engaging with the different challenges for each area of learning around the classroom and are rewarded with a rainbow sticker for completing the challenges.