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What are some of the Areas of SEN?

• Autism- Autistic Spectrum, Social Communication Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, high functioning, low functioning, ASD


• ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


• ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder


• Anxiety Disorders- Selective mutism, panic disorders, phobias, separation anxiety


• Attachment- Emotional Bonds, separation anxiety


• Bereavement- death, loss


• Cerebral Palsy- neurological condition, physical disability


• Dyslexia- Reading/writing disorder


• Dyscalculia- mathematical disorder


• Dyspraxia – coordinator and balance disorder, DCD


• Di George Syndrome-chromosome deletion syndrome


• FASD- Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


• Hearing- loss, impairment, glue ear


• Memory- short term, long term, visual/auditory


• SEMH- Social, Emotional and Mental Health. Disruptive, antisocial and uncooperative behaviour, Temper tantrums, Frustration, anger and verbal and physical threats / aggression, Withdrawn and depressed attitudes, Anxiety and self-harm, Stealing, Truancy, Vandalism, Drug abuse, Arson, harming animals, bullying


• Speech and Language delay- stammer/stutter, pronunciation


• SPD- Sensory processing Disorder, oversensitivity disorder


• Tourette Syndrome – neurological condition