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Integration Opportunities

Integration Opportunities


At North Fawdon Primary School we are very proud of our Nurture ARP and where possible and when appropriate our ARP children are included and integrated into the mainstream school. From the big yard at lunchtime, to assemblies, workshops and classes.



Golden Assembly


All our children attend Golden Assembly every Friday where one child is selected for Star of the Week for the ARP and Golden points can be won for extra special work and achievements. 



Theme weeks


Throughout the school year there are many theme weeks for the whole school to engage with.  The ARP staff always plan for these weeks with the Early Years and Key Stage 1 teams. In ‘Aspire and Achieve week’ we looked at skills and jobs and attended a whole school assembly with an Astrophysicist and a workshop with Year 2 class to learn about being a doctor.  In our themed week - Fawdon: Past, Present and Future, we looked at transport through time which we really enjoyed. 

Whole School Days 


Throughout the school year there different days that are celebrated like World book day and Red Nose day.  The ARP children enjoy dressing up and joining in.  On World book day some of our Year 6 children came and shared books with us. 


House trails


All our children are encouraged to attend as much of the House trails as they can manage in the main school. The house trails are organised for Reading, Maths and STEM and the children are arranged in mixed year groups from across the school.


Sports days


The ARC children always enjoy participating in our Sports days.  We have two types of Sports days at North Fawdon Primary School.  The first one is for individual events where each child is encouraged to do their best in track and field events.  The second on is the team events where the ARC children join their house teams in mixed ages.  


Personalised Intergration Programmes 


Once a child is settled into the ARP and demonstrating confidence and enjoyment of learning, it will then be discussed whether a re-integration programme is appropriate to best meet the needs of the child. If it is felt that re-integration into a mainstream class is a possibility, a personalised integration plan will be drawn up. Initially it will visits to the mainstream classroom and then it will be to join short sessions of a subject that the child feels confident in. The integration plan is then constantly reviewed and adjusted to meet the needs of the child and built up as and when appropriate. Sometimes children are fully re-integrated back into their mainstream class, sometimes children choose a new school to be re-integrated back into and sometimes it is established that actually the small group environment is the right environment to meet that child’s needs and a specialist school with small settings will be provided by the local authority.