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How do we support the children with SEN?

Maxine Pape oversees the pathway for all SEND children across school. She works every morning in Nursery with an open door policy for parents. 2 Afternoons per week are dedicated to working with SEND families including Early Help Support and attending appointments with outside agencies.


Maxine Pape works closely with Staff to develop their skills and knowledge around SEND.


Maxine Pape holds the NASC Award for SENDCO’s


Maxine Pape is an experienced Teacher, Leader and School Governor.


On a day to day basis: 


• The class teacher will oversee, plan and work with each child with SEND in their class to ensure that appropriate progress is made in every area. SEND children can have group and 1:1 interventions depending on their need. Parents will be informed of these plans There may be an LSA (Learning Support Assistant) or HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) working with your child either individually or as part of a group. The content of this support will be explained to parents when support begins, as part of a child’s bespoke programme of learning and is reviewed and updated during termly learning conversations.


• All children have a support plan once they are placed on the SEN register.


• Every teacher has a PROVISION FILE for the support plans and evidence. These are monitored every term by Maxine Pape and the SEND Governor Mr Simon Smith .


• Maxine Pape and the senior Leadership Team track and analysis SEND progress through an SMART Tracker data system every 10 weeks.


• Teachers and senior leaders discuss SEND progress during dedicated surgery times.


• The class teacher will meet with you formally at any point when an issue has been observed or a worry needs discussing. They can happen daily or over a week. Teachers may contact you by phone or ask to have a conversation after school.


• Parents can drop in at any time and ask to speak to Maxine Pape or the class teacher. Our aim is to make contact on the same day.


• If it not an urgent case, an appointment can be made with Maxine Pape to discuss support in more detail if required. Or an appointment to see the class teacher is always an option. • We also have 3 parents evening per year and 3 SEND reviews.


• SEND reviews use a review sheet from professionals and the family. The questions are, What is working well? What worries us? And what next? These are posted to the family home prior to the review meetings. This gives you the opportunity to talk as a family before the meeting. It also allows you time to think things through without the added pressure of meeting professionals.


• At a review the answers to the 3 questions are discussed and the next steps agreed. Maxine Pape follows the next steps with support from the teaching staff. Completed copies are provided to parents.


• Class teachers are always happy to discuss your child’s needs if you have questions or concerns between more formal meetings. Please speak to them directly to arrange this


• Support plans will be shared with you and your child (age appropriate) at anytime and we welcome the children to speak about their needs.