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How do we know if the children need extra help?

At North Fawdon Primary School, children are identified as having SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) through a variety of ways, usually a combination, which may include some of the following:


• Discussions, Observations, behaviour analysis between home and school.


• Liaison with previous school or pre-school setting


• Child performing below ‘age expected’ stages or equivalent discussed with teachers and senior leaders (e.g. percentile rankings)


• Concerns raised by a parent


• Concerns raised by a teacher: for example, if behaviour or self esteem is affecting performance


• Liaison with external agencies e.g. for a physical/ sensory issue, speech and language or Educational Psychologist.


• Use of tools for standardised assessment such as: Read write inc assessments/ Dyslexia Early Screening Test/Early Years Screen.