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North Fawdon

Primary School


At North Fawdon Primary School, we use technology to raise standards across the curriculum and incorporate it into every lesson.


Growing up in an ICT-rich environment, means that children need to be provided with opportunities to experience and develop skills in its use that will help them make the most of adult life. Computing is an essential skill for life and enables children to participate more readily in a rapidly changing world.


At North Fawdon, children have the opportunity to learn through use of IPADs, an ICT suite, interactive whiteboards and digital cameras. They develop coding skills through use of Bee-Bots, Raspberry Pi and software such as Scratch and Kodu.


Each year, every class learns life skills in e-safety. Children are progressively taught lessons on how to be a responsible digital citizen and how to keep themselves and others safe on-line.


Our curriculum offers the opportunities to:


  • Develop logical thinking and algorithms.
  • Code and debug computer programs.
  • Discover the different types of data
  • Understand the parts of a computer.
  • Communicate and research responsibly on-line.
  • Present information using technology.
  • Become aware of different audiences on-line.