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Assessment in Mathematics

At North Fawdon, formative assessment takes place on a daily basis to inform staff about the individual needs and progress of children. Staff adjust future learning accordingly to meet the needs of their class.


In Maths, we use an evidence collection system for maths and times tables to track the progress of each class half-termly and inform teacher assessment. At the end of a unit of work in maths, teachers use White Rose End of Block Assessments to evaluate the learning and progress of individual children. It is through this analysis, teachers are able to identify key skills and knowledge that need additional work and to set targets for future progress. A programme of interventions and booster work is designed to support children to ensure that they are ready to progress and become successful in their learning. All interventions are reviewed termly to ensure they are successful in supporting children’s learning.


We use Cornerstones Assessments termly in maths to support teacher assessments in Years 3-5 and to further identify and address any misconceptions and gaps in learning. In Year 2 and 6, we use SATs (Standard Assessment Tests.)


Attainment and outcomes in maths have a prominent focus throughout our school. The teaching of mathematics is monitored frequently by leaders through: lesson observations, book scrutinies and pupil voice interviews.