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Assessment in English

Daily formative assessments within lessons are ongoing - informing staff about a child’s needs and progress within the four areas of English teaching, and helping to plan future work and adjust teaching.


At North Fawdon, we have an evidence collection system for both reading and writing to track the progress of each child half-termly and support teacher assessment. The evidence collection sheets are directly aligned to the end of year National Curriculum statements. From the collation and analysis of evidence, teachers can reflect on teaching, assess and plan key skills that need further work and set targets for individuals and groups. A combination of daily and weekly intervention and booster work helps to address and support any gaps in pupil’s learning. All interventions are reviewed half termly with specific focus on the impact for children.


We use Cornerstones Assessment for reading and SPaG (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) in Years 3-5. Termly assessment tests support teacher assessment and provide children with opportunities to evaluate their learning and reflect on their progress. Using assessment gap analysis tools, teachers are able to support children to identify target areas.


In Years 2 and 6, SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) reading papers are used to support assessment and track progress throughout the year. Children in these year groups will take a statutory SATs test in the Summer term. There are additional SATs papers to support the assessment of SPaG (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) which are compulsory in Year 6 but optional in Year 2.


The use of Salford Reading Score tests are used from Year 2 to Year 6 twice yearly. This, combined with daily formative assessment, helps to measure an individual’s reading age and helps to support additional targeted reading provision.


Weekly spelling tests are given to children from Years 1 to 6. Each Friday a new set of spelling words is uploaded to Seesaw for practise at home. Children also practise these words in school in preparation for their spelling test the following week.